Once upon a time an angel & a devil fell in love
"A little while back, I did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. I ended up getting a lot of hilarious flak about ‘Call Me Maybe,’ which inspired me to write a list of instructions on how to create a huge pop song. I basically went on to write lyrics that explain step by step exactly what’s happening in the music at that moment. It’s meant to illustrate how big artists do their thing, like a magician revealing his secrets to an audience. It definitely pokes a lot of fun but it’s also meant as a tip of the hat to those artists. Above all, it’s very me - clever, silly and sassy to the core."
Josh Ramsay, aka Pecan Sandy J on POP 101 (via westaythefucktogether)

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all i want to know is how this idiot

is the same person as this idiot

because i don’t understand how someone can be this

while simultaneously being this

honestly i never know when to awkwardly laugh in pity

or admit to being turned on

because he’s a fucking dork

but then he pulls this shit out

one of the world’s mysteries: josh ramsay


I made this. It’s one of my favorite Josh tweets.



That moment when Twisty was so tired of Dandy’s shit.


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Prove Them Wrong


This is my first poem I am going to post, I wrote it for my friend who was having a tough time. It was my way of showing someone believes in her.

The darkness has tried to win,

There’s no one who has tried to pull you into the light.

But what the darkness hasn’t noticed is

Your heart beat…